Hydroponics signifies "working water" (hydro implies water and ponos implies work). A wide range of civic establishments has used hydroponic developing procedures since forever. As noted in Hydroponic Nourishment Creation by Howard M. Resh: "The balancing greenhouses of Babylon, the coasting patio nurseries of the Aztecs of Mexico and those of the Chinese are instances of 'Hydroponic' culture. Egyptian hieroglyphic records going back a few hundred years B.C. depict the developing of plants in water." While hydroponics is an antiquated technique for developing plants, mammoth steps have been made throughout the years in this inventive region of horticulture.

All through the only remaining century, researchers and horticulturists explored different avenues regarding diverse techniques for hydroponics. One of the potential utilization of hydroponics that drove look into was developing crisp deliver in non-arable regions of the world and zones with next to zero soil. Hydroponics was utilized amid World War II to supply troops positioned on non-arable islands in the Pacific with new deliver developed in privately settled hydroponic frameworks.

Later in the century, hydroponics was incorporated into the space program. As NASA thought about the items of common sense of finding a general public on another planet or the World's moon, hydroponics effectively fit into their manageability designs. By the 1970s, it wasn't simply researchers and experts who were engaged with hydroponics. Customary agriculturists and excited specialists started to be pulled in to the temperances of hydroponic developing.